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MY SO-CALLED BAND - the Ultimate 90's Experience!



Our next show is THURSDAY JULY 19th at MARATHON MUSIC WORKS opening for our friends Guilty Pleasures! It's an early show (doors at 7pm, we play at 8pm sharp) for the Nashville Scene's Sounds Like Summer series. GET TICKETS.


My So-Called Band takes you back to a time before Creed and Hannah Montana, before George W. Bush and 9/11, before skinny jeans and American Idol. A time of flannels and ripped denim, Umbros and Hypercolor tees, the Fresh Prince and 90210. A time when mix tapes were king and the youth of America found an alternative way to rock. The 90's provided us with a soundtrack to it all, and My So-Called Band invites you to dive into this ocean of nostalgia with them. Featuring a rotating all-star cast of guest singers and musicians*, Nashville's newest tribute act-supergroup performs the 90's greatest hits, anthems, and one-hit wonders with a decidedly unironic sense of joy that is proving to be contagious. My So-Called Band: the ultimate 90's experience.

MSCB's founding band members are Dave Paulson (The Privates, Character, Esposito), Keith Lowen (The Privates, De Novo Dahl, The Comfies, Lifeboy), Joshua Watson (Bravo Max, Matt Friction & the Cheap Shots, The Comfies, Feeble Weiner) and Sam Smith (Ben Folds, The Comfies, Lifeboy). Our shows feature a rotating cast of very special guests, some of Nashville's finest singers who we consider to be MSCB's extended family: Tristen, Jordan Caress, Larissa Maestro, Jerry Pentecost, Cortney Tidwell, Sean Williams of The Nobility, Caitlin Rose, Gabe Dixon, Aaron Robinson, Benjamin A. Harper of The Comfies, Matt Friction, Erin Manning, Jon Rogers of Hotpipes, and more.



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